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As a community interest company, we have a clear vision of the well-being support we can provide within our local and wider community. 

We aim to ensure that where possible racial, gender or social and or economic status do not prohibit someone from living well and happy lives.  This is achieved through our projects and social giving. 

If you would like to know more about any of the projects or to participate click the Join us links provided. 

The Gratitude Project is designed to create a space in which children from ages 9 to 14 can come together and explore concepts of gratitude through meditation, breathwork and wellness education as a key to unlocking internal happiness for themselves and others.


It can often seem that our tweens and teens are more entitled than grateful, moody, stuck or just disengaged.


Through our series of master classes and activities, we aim to help tweens and teens to understand themselves, connect with others, and reduce feelings of entitlement or helplessness. Increasing their sense of gratitude to create happier and more confident individuals in a connected community.

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Happy Herts is Dragonfly Wellness's new community project which has been created to provide person-centred and community-integrated services for health and well-being.  It is not unusual for people to experience times of difficulty in their life with two-thirds of all adults have experienced trauma in their lifetime and now more than ever we are seeing an increase of people struggling following the pandemic, global fear and rising costs of living which has collectively impacted the mental health and well-being of many people.  

By design, Happy Herts has been developed to create integrated community support which allows people to identify the areas of need in their life by working with our team and mentors. The person-centred program puts people at the heart of its services, understanding that no two people are the same and we all require different types of support, to ensure we can live life well. Working with people to identify the issues they are facing and provide support through our breathwork, and meditation classes as well as our coaching and mentoring service as required to help people to help themselves.  This empowering and enabling program allows people to realise their own needs and potential to live well.  


The Collective is compromised of a series of classes and events that are made available for free of a nominal donation.  These classes include Art and creative, Parent and Baby, Walking and wellness sessions provided to ensure participation and support for our community for mental and physical wellness.  

Walking Club
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