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Over the last few months we have been busy bringing the Dragonfly vibe to festivals all around!

Millie & I were lucky enough to have been invited back to Stone Cold Sober, a vegan sober festival for 5 days, finishing on a beautiful Summer Solstice Sunrise ceremony, where we delivered 3 SOMA Breath sessions. This high energy festival shares lots of holistic & spiritual modalities opening your eyes to what else can raise your vibration!

The weather was amazing & a beautiful sunrise ceremony closed this festival. As we set our prayers & intentions for the summer risings, joined in Kirtan & Mantra as we watched other souls practicing 108 Sun Salutations to the rising sun! Our hearts were full of gratitude to have shared this moment & been a part of the festival for another year running.

Next stop was Yoga Wild Retreats. A festival of Yoga, Live music, Sound & breathwork.

This was our first time at this festival and again we made some amazing connections and had some beautiful conversations after our SOMA Breath session.

We were also able to enjoy the remainder of the day, joining in with Fire & Ice therapy! You've got to love a Sauna followed by an Ice bath!

Keep your eyes peeled for something similar at a weekend retreat of ours soon!!!

And then we were so grateful to be back with Fearne Cotton at The Happy Place Festival in Chiswick House London.

As the winds got stronger we wondered if we were going to have to 'evacuate' the site! Thank goodness we didn't and our teepee actually felt nice and safe as it filled & spilled outside with people for our session!

Another moment to take in how far Dragonfly Wellness has come and how many people we are sharing what we love to do with. Again we had so many people wanting to talk about their experience, asking questions, thanking us, hugging us!

We love what we do & the people we meet along the way.

As we take this weekend to stop, pause & take in the last few months we know our hearts are truly full of gratitude and the passion to move Dragonfly Wellness forward with new ideas, new contacts & even more fire in our bellies!

Peace & Love! xxx

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