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'You are the medicine.' Day Retreat!

This month we held our first day retreat and my heart is full!

I came together with Ren our sound facilitator & Amy our crystal healer, unconscious mind therapist & resident medium. Along with the support of Row & Millie behind the scenes to allow everything to run smoothly and for us to have images to be able to share with you!!

The day was full of everything that Dragonfly Wellness is about- a safe space, community, support and tones of love!

Everyone fully surrendered, opened their hearts with the beautiful plant medicine of Cacao and allowed themselves to step out of their comfort zones & expand through our practices.

It was beautiful to share so many moments with everyone and to watch everyone support each other & cheer each and every one as the day came to a close!

This is the first of many!

Much love & peace.

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